Foundation for an idea!

“Akmens nami” is a company with long-term experience in the construction industry. “Akmens nami” have been successful in both construction and design, but these three key players have been identified as the strategic services of the company: BIM management, certification of LEED/BREEAM buildings, dynamic energy analysis of buildings. The team’s experience and expertise in providing these services has allowed the company to become one of the leading BIM companies in Latvia.

Jānis Kreics

Business manager

Certified LEED AP specialist with BIM experience in the Latvian and in the US markets

Kristaps Miķelsons

Technical director

Autodesk software course teacher, has been working with implementing BIM processes in Latvia since 2008

Roberts Vazdiķis

IT director

Extensive experience in the development of dynamic building energy models in the Latvian and US markets


We have accumulated international experience in the US, New Zealand and European markets to apply it successfully in Latvia.


Quality is the most important benchmark and does not allow compromise.


We will find the most effective way to solve any problem by saving your time and resources.