Virtual Design and Construction

“Akmens nami” is a team of experienced professionals who provide management of BIM, building certification according to LEED and BREEAM as well as services of building dynamic energy analysis.


BIM management

BIM is a way to make the active life-cycle of a building more transparent, efficient and adaptable.

“Akmens nami” creates BIM strategies for developers, BIM realisation plans for specific executors, manage BIM according to pursued objectives, create 4D and 5D simulations, as well as visualise organising or executing of projects.

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process that assists in organising and monitoring the construction process during design, building and operation. The process results in a digital presentation of the building with a detailed set of information on its assets, enabling:

  • prevention of potential errors,
  • choosing optimal construction process and materials,
  • checking and controlling costs,
  • effective management of the building.

Why apply BIM?

“BIM process has started to grow over the past decade, its first development can be traced back to the 1970’s. At the time, the limited technologies did not allow BIM development, so BIM was only mentioned in a variety of scientific articles. Everything changed when designers were able to work not only with lines but also with elements that could be assigned parameters and transform the design process of two-dimensional (2D) drawings into a design based on elements (3D objects with added information). This makes it possible to obtain the digital model of the building with all the necessary information in order to meet the objectives of the client in an efficient and productive way – to build and manage in high quality and efficiency.

BIM is more than a 3D model, it starts with accurate output data and ends with high quality management of the construction assets, which together form a set of building information that is assisted by the BIM process.”


Certification and maintenance of LEED, BREEAM buildings

We ensure coordination of the certification process in order to obtain the LEED and BREEAM certificates of accredited organisations.

What is LEED, BREEAM certificate?

An internationally recognised certification system that includes the world’s most popular development plan, methods for assessing the sustainability of infrastructure and building projects.

Why is it relevant?

The internationally recognised green building certification system provides an independent conclusion if the building or building complex is designed and constructed using strategies aimed at improving asset performance in all key indicators: energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, indoor environment quality, resource management and sensitivity to their impacts.


Dynamic energy analysis of buildings

As part of the dynamic energy analysis of buildings, a research of the location of the building is carried out, it includes an analysis of the artificial and natural lighting of the premises, an assessment of the proportions and shading of windows and facades.

The building’s basic model is developed in close proximity to the planned or existing building solution with all functioning systems that can be compared with alternative architectural or engineering solutions. The 3D building model is also used as an instrument for achieving the credits of LEED, BREEAM, Energy Star MFHR, EGC and other systems.

Why should such an analysis be carried out?

The dynamic energo model is a tool for evaluating the interaction of building design with selected engineering solutions and building users. It helps taking informed decisions and optimize the design and systems of the building to ensure efficient use of resources.

When to perform the dynamic energy analysis of buildings?

The development of dynamic energy models can be carried out at different stages of the development of the project, focusing on the key aspects of the specific stage of the project. For example, in the design stage, energy analysis helps to assess the orientation of the building, the location of the windows, choosing the most appropriate solution for using sunlight and other factors. In the detailed design phase, when the building’s geometry is defined, the focus is on optimising the building’s engineering systems, lighting and air quality. Building functions and human behaviour are factors that are often not sufficiently analyzed at the design stage, but the energo model highlights the impact of human behaviour and helps engineers and architects find a balance between comfort and energy savings.

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